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  1. 80 cm schwarze Cocktailtischplatte
    Special Price € 4,14 Regular Price € 4,80
  2. Waldgrüne Tischdecke 54''
    Special Price € 9,62 Regular Price € 10,46
  3. Graue Polyester-Tischdecke 30 x 30''
    Special Price € 6,78 Regular Price € 7,86
  4. Grüne Polyester-Tischdecke 30 x 30''
    Special Price € 6,78 Regular Price € 7,86
  5. Rosa Polyester-Tischdecke 30 x 30''
    Special Price € 6,78 Regular Price € 7,86

Table Decoration

If you are looking for table decorations for your wedding or party, your search is over here. Here, we will introduce the best decorative design for weddings and parties.
Our table decoration clothes are elegant yet eye-catching and look great all day long. It's a glittering, shimmering pattern that adds modest elegance to your event.

Table Decoration | Tablecloth

When designing an event, the table decoration usually takes precedence, so start with a tablecloth. We offer high-quality glittering round and rectangular sequins, FOLDED EDGE, and specially designed fabric covers that are more elegant with regular tablecloths. You'll be amazed if you leave your sequined tablecloth in a lamp or the sun.

Table Decorations for Weddings | Table Decoration Centerpiece

Choose bold colours and fabrics to accent your table decorations and make them look more expensive. A beautiful table decoration centrepiece with no additional decoration required. To achieve our goal of realizing your most unusual ideas and dreams, our satin and polyester tablecloths are available in different sizes to fit everything. We offer various designs of table decorations for weddings that make your wedding a perfect wedding.

Table Decoration For Party

We offer reusable table and chair linen that offers many advantages over disposable options. Our reusable linens create less waste, reduce costs, and are often made of materials that convey a higher level of service and quality.

Our focus is on your comfort ordering online 24/7 from your laptop, desktop, or smartphone. Our fast shipping, low prices, and excellent customer service make Elegant Event Essentials the best choice to meet all your personal & professional needs.