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Table Skirts

Is your tablecloth too short to hide those sloppy table legs? Consider a collection of cheap table skirts if you have a limited budget. Not only can you forget the unsightly table legs, but you can also make the table the focus of your event. Enjoy magical table settings when laying out polyester table skirt covers.

Polyester Table Skirts | White Plastic Table Skirts | Black Table Skirts|Polyester Table Skirts | White Plastic Table Skirts | Black Table Skirts|Polyester Table Skirts | White Plastic Table Skirts | Black Table Skirts

Polyester table skirts! All white plastic table skirts and black table skirts are available in their entirety. These white plastic table skirts make it easy to decorate your birthday party, wedding reception, or other significant event. Available in a range of bold colours to suit any theme, these table skirts are perfect for decorating your buffet or dessert table.

Table Skirts for Wedding

Available in various sizes, colours, and styles, the table skirting boards are ideal table skirts for wedding receptions, birthdays, showers, trade fairs, and more. Need something rustic yet vintage? The durable, clean, and frilled Hessian table skirt from the Hessian table skirt collection solves your dilemma. Behind every skirt and every accessory, we make the promise of impeccable quality, prompt service, and outstanding reliability. We offer a variety of fabrics, colours, styles, and creases.

Round Table | Spandex Table Skirt|Round Table | Spandex Table Skirt

Suitable for all-black-themed birthdays, baby showers, bachelor parties, school events, trade fairs and exhibitions, and family celebrations. Whether indoors or outdoors, these round tablecloths are what you need to complete your party decoration. These stylish spandex round table skirts show affordable elegance with wrinkle-free stretchable spandex material.

Whichever table skirt style you choose, the durable plastic table skirt clip won't "scratch" your table or tear it after a few events. To turn your table decoration into a stunning landscape, combine our table curtains with tablecloths, chair covers, or chair sashes, to name just a few.
To learn more about these fascinating table accessories and their wonders, check out our charming selection of wholesale skirts here at Elegant Event Essentials.